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I received a treatment from Rylie when I was enduring an emotionally tough time in my life and suffered from depression. After my first treatment I walked out feeling happy, something I hadn’t felt in a while. Her knowledge helped her focus on the right pressure points to release emotional stress from my body, and it worked!! Rylie also created a soothing environment, using aromatherapy to enhance all senses. I live on Vancouver Island, but travel to Vancouver for my massage therapy treatments from Rylie! I would recommend her to anyone! ~ Bobbi I.

I was so impressed by Rylie’s professionalism.

Before the session, we had a conversation about where and how I feel mostly uncomfortable and painful. I really liked how she took time to listen to my case and customized for my needs. She also advised me on how to relax my muscles, where I often feel tired at home. So now I can do it myself, in between my appointments.

I can see that she is very knowledgeable and she wants my body to feel better.

Of course, the massage session itself was AMAZING! I am not sure how long the session was, but it didn’t matter for me. After the session, I felt like I had just woken up from a good night sleep with sweet sweet dreams. ~ Jessica K. 

After a very stressful period I was in bad need of a massage to relieve tight muscles. I was trying out New Spirit Massage and Bodywork for the first time and was not sure what to expect. Well, I have never dozed off receiving a massage before but I did that day! Rylie has very nurturing healing hands. The tight tension in my back was released. She must have moved a number of toxins as afterward I had to return home for a nap! I have never experienced that after a massage before.I have no hesitation recommending Rylie and have referred her to my closest friends. ~ Irene W. 

I just went to see Rylie for the first time last week and I was blown away with how much better I feel! I have had shoulder troubles since February (it’s now November) and nothing seemed to help…in fact, I was getting so much worse over the last month. Rylie stretched me out, and my shoulders were visibly sitting in a better resting position right after the treatment was finished. And what’s even better is that it’s been a few days since my massage and my shoulders are still feeling free, and much, much less painful. Thanks Rylie! Looking forward to my massage next week! ~ Krista F. 

I am a Master’s student in Physical Therapy and decided to try New Spirit Massage after finishing midterm exams. It was truly a wonderful and relaxing experience. I came feeling stressed and anxious, and left feeling completely and utterly at peace and relaxed. Rylie really takes the time to get to know you as an individual and adjusts her treatment to what you really need and want. I felt that she really cared and was also educated to understand muscles and movement. It was an amazing experience and I am recommending her to everyone I know. ~ Monica J. 

I had my first pregnancy massage at New Spirit with Rylie and I must say that it was an enjoyable experience. Rylie made me feel really comfortable because of her knowledge and the use of pillows. I really felt rejuvenated after the session so I highly recommend Rylie’s services for the pregnancy massage. ~ Charlene E.

Over the years, I have enjoyed massage therapy from various therapists, but Rylie outdoes all of them! I’ll stay with her because I have found the very best. ~ Linda W. 

Rylie has her own style of innate healing abilities. I think that’s why I feel so on top of the world on the days of her treatments for me. It’s not just a massage of any sort, Rylie has her own mixes of inspired essential oils (which I LOVE) and her own way of moving you through the healing session that benefits your overall health in mind, body and soul. I always look forward to my massage appointments with Rylie and the positivity I feel about myself and my days afterwards. When you make an appointment with Rylie (and you should, NOW), it is like a mini vacation and a spa appointment all wrapped up together. ~ El C. 

The massage that Rylie gave me was nothing short of amazing! She travelled to my home and it was very professional; she brought her massage table, oils, even music! She was very knowledgeable and even recommended some supplements that could help with my condition. I am certainly glad that I had the massage in the late evening, because I was so relaxed afterwards that I slept like a baby all through the night! I will definitely be seeing her again soon, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of a massage. ~ Pascal 

Rylie immediately put me at ease. From start to finish, she was extremely mindful and nurturing. She has a solid understanding of anatomy and conscious intention. My stresses and aches melted away under her capable hands. Her quality of touch is fantastic and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking relaxation or relief from tension. ~ Katherine C. 

The bodywork sessions I received from Rylie have left me speechless (and those that know me, know that’s hard to do). The treatments were deliciously relaxing, however for me it’s the after effect which stands out even more. After the first treatment I felt as though I had left my body and peacefully come back restored and renewed. And since I continued receiving treatments I’ve felt more alert in my surroundings, more aware of my body and muscles, posture and movement, and in general I have more pep in my step. I thoroughly recommend Rylie’s services to anyone who needs a healing hand. ~ Rachel R.