All of our services can be customized with regards to pressure and areas of concentration. Each session begins with a conversation about the client’s current overall state, specific needs, desired outcome, and expectations of their massage. Most massages begin, face down, with breathe coaching to bring awareness to the body, helping you feel more grounded and quieting the mind.

Massage & Bodywork with Rylie

Relaxation Massage:

Rylie T. LowryRenew your spirit with a soothing and stress-relieving massage that eases your mind and leaves you feeling like time has slowed down. A softer touch, beautiful music and tender aromas will stimulate your senses, allowing you to escape into a deeper state of relaxation. This massage includes elements of Swedish Massage, Joint Release and Reflexology.

60/90 minutes for $60/90 

Realignment Deep Tissue Massage:

Relax your body with a varied pressure treatment that combines relaxation and deep tissue techniques and is designed to balance the body, reduce pain and increase range of motion. This massage focuses on realigning the shoulders and hips which are often tilted forward or back causing painful tension throughout the spine, neck, arms and legs. Other bodywork elements include Joint Release, Deep Flow and Yoga inspired stretches.

60/90 minutes for $70/100

DEEP, Deep Tissue Massage:

Release your mind with an overall deep treatment for those who truly love deep pressure that leaves you feeling one with the table. This slow-moving treatment gets deeper and deeper with each pass and relieves the knottiest of taut muscles and quiets the busiest of minds.  This treatment includes elements of Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu and Joint Release.

60/90 minutes for $80/120

Pregnancy Massage:

A woman’s body goes through several unique changes throughout pregnancy. Massage can help support these changes, improve lymphatic and blood circulation and increase flexibility and range of motion. Relaxation massage has also been proven to reduce stress hormones and anxiety which means improved over-all health and well-being for both mom and baby. Prenatal massage combines Relaxation and Deep Tissue techniques, Myofascial Release Work, and Lymphatic Drainage to help decrease swelling of the legs and ankles.

60/90 minutes for $80/120     CURRENT PROMOTION!!       60/90 minutes for $60/90*

*limited time offer

Acupressure Facial Treatment:

This slow moving and deeply relaxing facial treatment stimulates the meridian points of the face, helping improve energetic flow. Other benefits include tightening of the facial muscles and smoothing of the skin. Longer treatments, 20 to 30 minutes, include some focus on the neck and shoulders and more work on the scalp. Medium to deep pressure is applied to meridian points while the practitioner mediates to aid in energetic release, leaving you refreshed and renewed.

10/20/30 minutes for $15/25/53 or Add-on to any treatment for half the price!


This treatment begins with a detoxifying Epsom salt foot bath complete with your choice of aromatherapy oils to soften the feet. The practitioner then works to stimulate the reflex points of the feet, working one foot at a one from the tips of your toes to the sole of your foot easing tension throughout the entire body. Each reflex point corresponds to a certain organ, gland or structure in the body. This work shifts the body towards a state of equilibrium, restoring the body to homeostasis, which is the body’s ability to physiologically regulate its inner environment.

45/60/75 minutes for $50/65/80 or Add-on to any treatment for half the price!

Hot Stone Massage:

Warm oils are applied to the body to lubricate heated basalt stones as they move over the body fading away deep rooted muscular tension and calming the nervous system. Turning onto the back, stones are then placed on the table to gently recline upon as the front of the body is worked, enveloping the client in a blissfully toasty oasis of serene rest. Cool marble stones may also be used in turn with hot stones to increase circulation and release chronic pain.

60/90/120 minutes for $90/$140/$190

Birthday Special:

Receive two hours of de-stressing and pampering for the face, hands, and feet. An Epsom salt and aromatherapy foot bath prepares the feet for 45 minutes of reflexology with warm sandalwood and vanilla aromatherapy oils blended in cocoa and shea butter. Following that, the hands receive 30 minutes of reflexology, rejuvenating them and releasing all the aches. We finish with the face, scalp, neck and shoulder massage to complete the treatment, dissolving stress and discomfort, sending the client off feeling revitalized and raring to sing, “Happy Birthday to Me.”

120 minutes for $150


Corporate/Group Events

Mobile Chair Massage:

Let the studio come to you! New Spirit will go to your office, event, or party and provide an array of restorative treatments effortlessly. Short on-site chair massage is an easy way to provide stress relief on the job! All of the aforementioned styles are offered in the chair, and, as true of any massage, they are always personally tailored to the individual’s needs. Check out our Packages Page to see the various options and price-points for your next event.


Acupuncture & Energy Healing with Honami

Wellness Acupuncture & Energy Work Session

AcupunctureUnlike most acupuncture sessions this unique experience offers something more with the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, food & nutritional coaching, along with cupping massage using medicinal plant oils and Thai Meridian massage. The focus is on you throughout the entire treatment. It’s an experience that will leave you feeling the difference.

90 minutes for $111
$399 for a course of Five 90 minute sessions received in consecutive weekly treatments to support the healing process.

Esoteric Acupuncture

Connect with a higher level of healing with this sacred acupuncture treatment that combines Classical Chinese Acupuncture theory, the Hindu Chakra System, Sacred Geometry, and the Qabalistic Tree of Life. These treatment balances the Chakra and Qi and allows energy to flow more freely within the body and throughout the surrounding energetic field.

90/120 minutes for $111/$140
$399 for a course of Five 90 minute sessions received in consecutive weekly treatments to support the healing process

Energy Healing

As subtle energy flows through the body dispersing blockages and smoothing the Auric field, the Chakra system is awakened creating an energy shift in the emotional body. This treatment is healing on multiple levels, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical.

60/90/120 minutes for $70/$111/$140
$399/$550 for a course of Five 90/120 minute sessions received in consecutive weekly treatments to support the healing process.


Craniosacral Therapy, Hypnosis & Bodywork with Maria

MassageCraniosacral Therapy

This gentle technique works by releasing tension in the head, neck, back, and throughout the rest of the body. It supports your body returning to a natural state of overall balance and results in a deep relaxation of the nervous system. Craniosacral therapy is excellent when working with a wide range of issues including pain, stress, and chronic issues that have not resolved by other methods.

Single Session ~ approximately 60 minutes ~ $100
Package of Four Sessions for $300


Often referred to as the science of the mind, hypnotherapy uses a range of techniques to induce a deep relaxed state so that the frequency of the brain waves shifts from a waking state to one of trance. These altered states then allow for the removal of filters of the conscious mind so that the sub-conscious mind can be accessed for information, resolution and retraining. Hypnotherapy often brings resolve to almost any long-standing issue and can assist a person to quit smoke or let go of other unhealthy habits in as little as one treatment.

Single Session ~ approximately 60 minutes ~ $125
Package of Three Sessions for $300
Package of Five Sessions for $425

Quit Smoking Session ~ approximately 120 minutes ~ $295

Deep Flow Bodywork

This restorative form of massage aids the body in reaching its truest, most natural alignment. Deep tissue, joint release, mindfulness, guided breath and restorative yoga are all incorporated into one session allowing the body to release unwanted tension and relax into its natural alignment, leaving you feeling restored. The benefits of this treatment last for much longer than just the time spent on the table.

60/90 minutes for $75/$100